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Geosynthetics at Work - A Coastal Protection System

Chapter 4: History and Properties 

Chapter 1: Introduction
A 5 minute introduction to the lectures, outlining the history, use and performance of sand filled containers in coastal protection. This chapter is presented by James Carly from the Water Research Laboratory (part of the University of NSW).
A 20 minute lecture from Warren Hornsey (Technical Manager for Geofabrics Australasia).  Warren discusses the coastal system developed by Geofabrics for harsh coastal environments, and outlines the history of this system in Australia and some of its key properties. 

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We acknowledge that the terms "geobag", "geotube" and "geocontainer" are the registered trademarks of TenCate Geosynthetics. The terms were used in the lectures by the Australian speakers as Geofabrics are a distributor of TenCate Geosynthetics products in Australia.

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