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Supplying fabricated geotextile panels is making the installation process easier and quicker across Australia. geopanel3

Geofabrics’ ability to turn rolls of geotextile into large panels is fast-tracking the installation process in a number of projects. For complex projects, simplifying the installation process and reducing overlap wastage is a boost for engineers.

In a recent project, Geofabrics worked with a mining company to address the performance and installation concerns.

A tailings dam built in remote Australia required a filtration geotextile layer over the rock bund wall. Complicating matters was the fact that the geotextile was going to be exposed to the harsh outback environment for two years until the tailings gradually filled the dam and covered the geotextile.

Geofabrics used their laboratories to work with the designers to match the geotextile properties to the tailings, thereby ensuring no leakage of tailings into the rock core of the bund wall. Testing of the geotextile ensured the  specification of UV resistance properties addressed the in-service performance requirements.

Following this, Geofabrics fabricated the ELCOMAX® geotextile into large panels that could then be pulled into place accurately and easily, reducing the OH&S risk and construction time for the contractor.

Review of the ELCOMAX® geotextile by the Geosynthetic Centre of Excellence confirmed that the filtration layer was performing as required. The combination of technical support and collaborative problem solving allowed the mine site to achieve their required outcomes.

The fabricated panels have also been used in coastal projects where the installation processes must be performed between tides. In such circumstances, fabrication of ELCOMAX® geotextile panels with weight pockets has increased the installation rates of revetment structures, allowing structures to be built ahead of schedule.


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