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TreemaxLogoGeofabrics is pleased to announce the integration of Treemax and Landplan products.

This integration means a much broader erosion control, sediment control and revegetation portfolio available to Geofabrics customers and existing Treemax™ and Landplan customers.

The Treemax™ range of products include:

• Weed suppression matting (eg. Jutemaster® Thick Mat and ReCover™);
• Grass establishment matting (eg. Jutemaster® Fine Mat, MaxBio™, and Grassroots™);
• Biodegradable tree planting mats (Jutemaster® Squares and ReCover™ Squares);
• Steel pins to suit all erosion matting and Cobber pin guns to make installation safer and faster;
• Coir Logs and Filter Fencing;
• Plastic tree guards/sleeves;
• Rigid tree guards (coreflute);
• Mesh tree guards;
• Timber and bamboo stakes;
• Tree ties

The new product folder and pricelists are available by contacting your nearest Geofabrics office or you can view the entire range of Treemax products at or for more information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Treemax is a registered trademark of Geofabrics Australasia Pty Ltd.


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