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Geofabrics has been awarded the Sustainability Advantage Bronze Recognition for their Albury manufacturing site.  

alburyThe award from the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water means Geofabrics is one of the first companies in the Albury-Wodonga region to be recognised at this level.

Since 2004/05, Geofabrics has reduced their electrical energy intensity by 48%.  This has been achieved from the procurement of energy efficient equipment, modifying old machinery and improving the process.  The efforts have also yielded a 22% reduction in gas energy intensity since 2006/07.

Reductions in energy use stemmed from basic initiatives, such as the lagging of pipes to reduce energy losses, improved use of extraction fans and the use of low energy lighting.  With the manufacturing sector being a major contributor to greenhouse gases, Geofabrics is proud to have delivered such impressive reductions.

The Geofabrics manufacturing operations at Albury is the production facility for the bidim geotextile and the Megaflo road edge drainage system.  These products help engineers manage the carbon footprint of the project through more efficient freight to site, as well as reductions in the use of quarried aggregate in the construction of highway, landfill or mine infrastructure.

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