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Geofabrics continues to help local communities fight the erosion of their coastline with the ELCOROCK foreshore protection system. 

Recent projects around Australia have showcased how the system works with nature to provide a high quality solution to the problem of coastal erosion.

Over 160 metres of eroding coastline at Victorias Mornington Peninsula is currently being protected using the ELCOROCK foreshore protection system.  The high profile locations in Portsea and Rosebud demanded a high degree of public amenity included in the outcome.

The erosion will be halted at the Rosebud pier by using the ELCOROCK units in a 6 layer wall with the 3 bottom layers placed below the low tide mark and the 3 top layers will be above.  After completion, native vegetation will re-establish over the wall.

The same system was used in two stages along the Aspendale beach in Melbourne in 2005 and 2008, with great success.

Aerial images of a project along the Swan River in Perth in early 2009 proves the benefit of the ELCOROCK system.  Two 15m long groynes worked in harmony with nature to re-nourish the beach via sand secretion.  This protected the footbridge and foreshore walls from further damage.

A feature of the ELCOROCK system in high profile locations is the retention of a high degree of public amenity.  Unlike rock walls, pedestrians can access ELCOROCK structures without difficulty, and potential pest infestation is removed by the lack of void space between the individual ELCOROCK units.

The vandal-deterrent material used in the ELCOROCK system ensures that the durable containment fabric can resist the vast majority of forces imposed by public access.  In situations where determined vandals damage the system, simple repair techniques are used to quickly bring the system back to the constructed standard.

Geofabrics supported the contractors by suppling specialist installation equipment. This helped the contractors achieve a consistent outcome and enhanced productivity.  Ongoing site training and support from Geofabrics employees supported the contractors in the early phases of the projects.

A key factor in the durability of the ELCOROCK system is the use of highly UV resistant fibres.  The ELCOROCK system use fibres rated at nearly 10 times that used in traditional geotextiles which are buried within a few weeks of installation.

Recent research by the Geosynthetic Centre of Excellence on several Queensland projects installed in the early 1990s have confirmed expectations of an expected life span of 20 years.  Further research on the ELCOROCK system is being undertaken to ensure it remains as a world leader for coastal protection.

For more information on the ELCOROCK coastal system, please contact your local Geofabrics sales team or Neil Taylor on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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