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Publication of research papers supports the technical leadership role Geofabrics assumes in the Australian geosynthetic industry.

A research paper published in the April/May edition of ROADS magazine highlights that road surfaces treated with Sealmac paving fabrics outlast conventional sealing techniques. Review of existing projects showed that a road surface incorporating a paving fabric gave a working life of up to 20 years - significantly above the design life of 8-10 years.  Sealmac paving fabrics offer a cost effective solution in the face of escalating rehabilitations costs for paved roads.

Sealmac paving fabrics have been used on Australian roads since the 1980’s to effectively seal the existing pavement and waterproof the overlay.  This allows the overlay to be constructed on a base susceptible to rutting and shrinkage cracking.

Review of past projects is proving that Sealmac paving fabrics provide a waterproof inter-layer in a spray seal to enhance the strength and life-span of a pavement.  Reflective cracking is retarded and contained by the Sealmac paving fabric, providing an effective stress-alleviating and waterproofing membrane over the bound pavement.

The review of past projects is part of an independent evaluation by the Australian Road Research Board and was commissioned by Geofabrics to assess the applications of paving fabrics and report on their current performance. Click here to download the paper


In early 2010, Warren Hornsey – the National Technical Manager for Geofabrics – was published in a special mining edition of “Geotextiles and Geosynthetics”.  His paper focused on the influences to be aware of when specifying geosynthetics for a range of mining processes.  The paper was a world-first, creating a lot of discussion with consulting engineers in the specification of products for their projects. Click here to download the paper

And finally, Geofabrics celebrates the release of a book co-authored by Associate Professor Malek Bouazza from Monash University titled “Geosynthetic Clay Liners For Waste Containment Facilities”. Click here to download book order form.

Being on the world council of the International Geosynthetic Society (, Malek is highly regarded within the industry and was involved in the development of the Victorian EPA’s 2010 draft Best Practice landfill guidelines ( Click here to download  

Malek also organises regular seminars on geosynthetics for the industry, held in Melbourne.  The next discussion will be on 7 July and will feature Grace Hsuan from Drexel University in the USA speaking on the "Durability of geosynthetics and life time predictions".  Click here to download the registration form.

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