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Geofabrics was closely involved in 15m high Terramesh walls built at Mount Bogong in Victoria as part of the $230 million underground hydro-electricity network.  The retaining walls integrated well into the local environment, a key requirement of the design brief.

bogong-powerstationThe Bogong Power Station will produce an additional 140MW of electricity and generate 94 000 MWh of emission free new renewable electricity each year. This is enough to supply approximately 18,000 Victorian households’ annual electricity usage, abating around 93,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

An important component of the project was the retaining structures at the main entrance to the Power Station.

Being a cut and cover structure, the power station required large retaining walls up to 15m high to allow for full access to the building and visitors centre. The mandate for the retaining walls was that the structures would need to integrate into the surrounding environment due to the highly sensitive nature of the area.

Geofabrics recommended the Terramesh walls, supported by extensive technical details and a preliminary stability analysis using specialised Terramesh design software. The Terramesh system, which comprises of a gabion face and a reinforcing tail, offers flexibility, cost effectiveness and constructability.

Groundtech, a specialist gabion and retaining wall contractor based in Victoria, built the Terramesh walls (

Terramesh walls have been built around Australia for nearly 25 years, including retaining walls for roads and railways, as well as dump walls in quarries and mine sites.

For information on the design software for gabions and Terramesh structures, contact your local Geofabrics sales team or Dale Chaychuk on email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it     Click here to download the Mount Bogong case study

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