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Tensar geogrids continue to find ways to reinforce Australian roads.  Recent road construction projects in Queensland and New South Wales have leveraged the expertise of Geofabrics and Tensar to overcome the problems of poor quality subgrades.

In Queensland, roads with a history of severe pavement cracking are using Tensar TriAx geogrid and bidim geotextile as part of the cement treated sub-base, with a Type 2.1 base pavement above (ie. a minimum CBR of 80).

To address installation concerns, Geofabrics worked with the contractor to develop an installation sequence that tensioned the Tensar geogrid whilst fastening it to the sub-base.  This then allowed the placement of the base material in a single 150mm thick layer, rather than multiple layers.

In New South Wales, a highway built in a flood plain used Tensar geogrids and bidim geotextile to increase the foundation stiffness and limit differential settlements for the bridge abutments and road pavements.

Incorporating Tensar geogrids and bidim geotextile will significantly increase the design life of the pavements and provide the client with a reliable, cost-effective pavement solution.

The Tensar design software, coupled with the support of Geofabrics design and sales engineers, assisted the road designers in overcoming poor quality subgrades.  The combined expertise of Geofabrics and Tensar was recently on show through the Tensar training seminars, where consulting engineers were trained in the use of the Tensar design software.

If you missed the opportunity to attend the Tensar software training and want more information, please contact your local Geofabrics sales branch or Rajesh Bhavsar on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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