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Eco-Aidbidim geotextile and ecoAID stormwater chambers combined to form a subsurface stormwater infiltration system in the Perth suburb of Trigg.

The underground structure helped council manage the additional run-off generated in the catchment without impacting on the local parkland.

The rows of ecoAID chambers ( provides efficient long term infiltration of stormwater. The impressive structural strength of the ecoAID chambers results from the columns of angular stone between the chambers and the ‘soil arching’ mechanism created by the chamber profile.

The ecoAID chambers have been highway load tested with recycled aggregate products. The testing allowed the contractor to use recycled crushed concrete product in this project, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the project.

The bidim geotextile provided a separation and filtration layer around the structure, allowing stormwater to exit the system without soil particles entering and clogging the drainage media.

Geofabrics has worked with ecoAID on several projects to assist our clients deliver the best practice solutions in stormwater management applications in the urban environment.

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