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Paper title: Installation Durability of Revetment Geotextiles

Authors - Preston Kendall, Charmaine Y T Cheah and Richard Austin

The use of geotextiles in revetment applications is a growing application for geosynthetics and one which will increase further with rises in sea levels and global warming effects. To enable revetment applications to perform in-service, the durability of geotextiles in revetments must be clearly understood in order for design guidelines to be generated.  

A significant challenge is to select a revetment geotextile which will survive installation without incurring significant puncture damage, as with time, even a small puncture can become the nucleus for a large failure of the application.

Geofabrics has tested a range of geotextiles by replicating rock impact on a subgrade overlaid by a geotextile, a very common condition encountered during the installation and construction of bund walls and revetments.  

Two types of polyester nonwoven geotextiles were tested: staple fibre and continuous filament.  The staple fibre geotextile was found to perform notably better than the continuous filament geotextile in the same test conditions and the findings support the Energy Level parameter as an indicator of puncture resistance. 

Further work is underway to develop a rigourous design methodology for revetment applications based on an extended test schedule.

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