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Paper title: Geomembrane Protection Using Cushioning Geotextiles

Authors - Richard Austin, Daniel Gibbs and Preston Kendall

Geotextiles are widely used to protect geomembranes from installation and in-service damage within applications where eliminating puncturing and the control of membrane strain is critical for the long-term performance of the lining system.  In lining applications, for long-term performance of the liner to be assured, the designer has to protect the membrane from excessive point loading from the overlying drainage stone (thus minimising potential environmental stress cracking).



As part of ongoing R&D undertaken by Geofabrics over many years, this paper reports on the testing of different families and manufacturing types of geotextiles for liner protection applications.  

By simulating stone profiles similar to that of stone as placed on site, different liner and geotextile combinations were tested against the same stone profile and loading conditions, thus enabling easy comparison of damage and recorded strain. 

Testing on our newly introduced range of Texcel staple fibre geotextiles is presented, the results of which will be compared with earlier work on existing geotextiles and the effect of different geotextile and polymer types discussed.

In conjunction with designers, contractors or asset owners, Geofabrics has conducted many project specific test simulations to ensure the right nonwoven geotextile is being used as the protection layer and project designs are optimised.

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