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Level 4 Lecture - Containment

This 34 minute lecture (broken into 4 parts) is aimed at students in their final year of a civil engineering degree.  The lecture focusses on the containment function, including how geosynthetics provide reinforcement within retaining walls, under embankments or under a road formation.

Containment is an important function of geosynthetics, as society demands engineers deliver the safe disposal of urban, industrial or mining waste.

In this lecture on containment, the student will look at the containment function through several sections, including -

- Why containment
- Landfill systems
- Landfill lining systems
- Landfill drainage systems
- Landfill capping systems

The lecture is broken into four sections, each of up to 10 minute duration, to allow the student to participate in incremental sessions.  For a copy of the full DVD, please contact marketing at Geofabrics by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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